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“Dear Sean, I must say that I am glad I engaged you to assist me in this most traumatic experience. Your knowledge of the system was invaluable to me and allowed me to avoid the mistakes, which I would unquestionably have made, had I attempted to navigate the system unadvised. I will be off probation this month and can continue to move forward with my life. I would recommend your firm to anyone needing representation. Thank you again for everything.”– L. R.

“I appreciate your willingness to advise me through my ordeal which has been difficult but easier because of you both.”– D.S.

“Julianne, Thank you for all your hard work on my behalf. I appreciate you and your professionalism.”– T.W.

“It is so rare to meet a couple with such high conviction and integrity. Words cannot express my gratitude for everything you’ve done for me.You more than surpassed all the expectations of representing me. I appreciate your genuine concern for my well being, in and out of court. You both did an excellent job! I am a better person from meeting and becoming acquainted with you. Thank you for everything!”– C.A.

“Sean, I really appreciate all of your time and attention to my situation. Thank you for all of your help! You really helped me keep it all in perspective!”– D.A.

“Dear Julianne, I really appreciate all you have done for me. I know you have worked hard on my case.”– S. H.

“Thank you, Sean, for helping me out. I feel you went above and beyond, and you played a huge part in getting me through all this. I just want to let you know: what might have been just another day at work for you was indeed a great service that has helped me get my life back on track and has given me a second chance to live a meaningful, honest, happy life, and for that I am very grateful.” – C. B.

“Mr. Hinchey and staff, thank you for all the effort and work you did for my daughter — she was very fortunate to have you help her.”– B. T.


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